Another Thorn in my Paw


The school computers drive me nuts. If you try to search Google for images, you get security alert messages and all the images are disabled. Of course, the principals want me making more flashcards.

The latest thorn is that they have apparently disabled hotmail, but in a very circuitous way. Almost everytime I try to access it, I get DNS timeout errors. This is my primary tool for contacting other teachers and my boss. It seems they are doing this because they think it is good for work; however, there is no problem with checking sports scores on Yahoo, or finding out who the J-pop idols are dating. Grrr…

At the public bike lot I got a notice warning me that they would tow my bike and charge me 1000 yen if I park outside the white lines again. Oddly, I parked the bike way back with the scooters, so it would be out of the way. And I had to stumble through a path of bikes outside the lines with no warning messages on them. I’m trying other lots in search of a place where I can securely cable my bike to a pole. At $200 it is probably the most expensive bike in the lot and the newest, so I need to keep it safe.

Saturday’s shopping trip landed my final pieces of equipment: a rain cover for my packs; and a water proof pouch for my electronics in case I forget the rain cover on a bad day. We also dropped a lot of money on goods for the new apartment (including slippers for anyone visiting – hint, hint). Well, it is insanely late and I have to be up for a big day tomorrow.


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