Can’t Make Up Your Mind?


Can’t make up your mind? If you live in Japan, that’s OK. I returned home to my new apartment last night around 7:45 and checked the “mail” on my way upstairs. So far, the mailbox has proven to be a collection piont for flyers from local restaurants and builders of condominiums.

I was very amused by Aoki’s Pizza‘s latest campaign: a 16 variety pizza. The half and half pizza’s and 4 variety pizza’s have been successful, so someone always has to take it further. I can just envision a seemingly unending round of Rock-Paper-Scissors to decide who gets with sector of the pizza.

Also, I had my first visitors. A fellow teacher from Canada and his 7-month pregnant wife. I felt bad that we had no elevator for her and the table and chairs aren’t at the apartment yet. We shared a few beers between the non-pregnant members and talked a lot. I am glad to have good neighbors nearby.

Still no plan on how to get internet access, but today’s school network doesn’t lock down WordPress, so I’m slipping in a short post on my break.


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