Final (?) Update


Today my girlfriend and her mom went to Ise and scrubbed down the empty apartment. Her father and I were here at the house hauling unneeded things away. This is a troublesome process in Tsu. For example, we had to rip the stitches on comforters and separate the batting from the outer fabric. The fabric had to be folded and put in plastic bags. The batting had to be cut into one meter bits and put in bags.

After we wrapped things up we met the ladies in Ise and connected up new light fixtures. We took the folks out for chilled soba noodles to thank them for their help today. At dinner I heard that we received a gift of several dishes which should come in handy. It is considered very fortunate to eat soba together after moving.

Tomorrow morning we will finish up the packing and the movers will come in the afternoon. Apparently we got a discount by allowing the movers to choose the time of our move. I thought this was an interesting way for them to control their scheduling.

Sunday I will return alone to the empty house and clean up. Hopefully the landlord will see fit to return my deposit money.

Monday I requested vacation as a contingency; however, it looks like everything is falling into place, so I will probably spend half the day sleeping.

ZTV has proved to be the most annoying group to deal with through this whole process. Tomorrow morning they will come at 8:30 to disconnect the cable, internet, and IP phone. They will charge me over 100 bucks for the process. Getting internet connected in Japan can be a long, annoying process, so I may be out of touch for awhile longer. I’ll try to borrow a friend’s internet occasionally.

Being an odd fish, I was happy that we got to experience the stress of today’s activities: it gave us a chance to talk this evening and learn more about how we can understand each other more. Tomorrow promises to be taxing, but I think tonight’s conversation will help us a lot. One more step into the future…


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4 Responses to “Final (?) Update”

  1. Keven Says:

    Well good luck! I’ve missed your posts for the last month! Not that I can say I’ve been a posting fool lately!

  2. Dorothy W. Says:

    I hope all the moving is going well! And here’s to a Monday that you can spend sleeping!

  3. びっくり Says:

    Indeed I am moved, but things are far from settled. After today, the tatami room and dining/kitchen room should be in good shape. The Western-style room has a dozen (large) piles around the perimeter needing the next step of organization. Calligraphy and stone seal carving materials; photo society materials; work-related teaching supplies and documents; personal teaching supplies; Japanese language study materials; bike gear; computer and electronics; reference and reading books; random gifts to give on random occasions; ‘to be sold/given away’; files, files, files; probably the largest pile is ‘to be sorted’ – a sign of my poor habits when I get tired. I tossed a lot out before the move and have been tossing out more this weekend. Today I reduced things further by dropping an antique Japanese cup… oops.

  4. verbivore Says:

    Good luck with the final move and I hope your commute works out for you.

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