Cleaning House


For a little over two years I have been in this house. At first I was teaching many private classes both here and at other venues for students of all ages and levels. Then I returned to the Board of Education and was assigned to cover up to 7 schools at a time in addition to a little after hours activity. Mix in my hobbies and we have a recipe for disaster in the tidyness realm.

I often return to the house to dump teaching materials from my pack and reload for the next activity. Upon the subsequent return, I am exhausted and dump out more junk. The piles of improperly stored stuff grow and grow. For the past couple weeks I have been taking positive action to prepare for my upcoming move. Each day I try to clean up. Sometimes it is just a few scraps of paper filed in the proper place, or something thrown away. Right now it doesn’t matter to me if it is a little or a lot; what is important to me is that everyday brings some movement in the right direction.

We have decided on moving dates and started the paperwork. May 22nd we will go to the empty apartment and scrub out everything. Naturally the apartment was cleaned before they started showing it, but meanwhile dust and cobwebs are accumulating. An empty apartment is an easy-to-clean apartment. May 23rd we will finalize packing here at the house. May 24th the movers will come and then we (I?) will clean the empty house. May 25th I requested vacation just in case the cleaning takes longer than expected. If all goes according to plan, then I can sleep in at the new apartment and then spend the day knocking about Ise and getting oriented.

April 29th and May 2nd to 6th are days off here in Japan, so that’s when the steady progress plan shifts into high gear. The bulk of the packing should take place at that point. It is amazing how much stuff accumulates when you have a house. Tonight we shifted a lot of things into the “to be sold” pile. Hopefully, selling, recycling, and throwing away will reap great rewards. Sometimes less is more! Do you need anything? Furniture, dishes, cooking utensils, etc.?


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6 Responses to “Cleaning House”

  1. Stefanie Says:

    I both love and loath moving. I love having a new place for a change of persepctive and the chance to “start fresh” and establish new routines and yes, to clean out all the stuff that has accumulated. But I hate moving because of all the cleaning and packing and how it turns everything topsy-turvy and things you need to use suddenly have gone missing. Good luck!

  2. titus2woman Says:

    Moving is such an ADVENTURE! but OH the cleaning and physical part of moving~ugh. I’m in the cleaning and decluttering phase, without the hope of an adventurous move… LOL! (((((HUGS))))) sandi~it’s been a long time and is GOOD catching up today!

  3. fightingwindmills Says:

    I hope you’ve had a productive week! How is the weather there? All this rain that we’ve been getting in Virginia reminds me of the rainy season in Japan. How exciting to move! You are in my thoughts!

  4. Keven Says:

    How did your move go? I am curious!

  5. titus2woman Says:

    Dying to know about your move and new home here as well! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

  6. びっくり Says:

    Greetings all! Sorry I’ve been offline so much. Things have been insane this school year, but it is starting to cool off a little. However, my internet will be disconnected in 7 hours for the move. It will be a month or two before I can get reconnected. Maybe I can borrow a friend’s connection from time to time.

    Today we were separating trash by type and hauling it away while the ladies were scrubbing down the new apartment before everything gets moved in. I hooked up all the new light fixtures and then we went out for dinner. Shiho’s folks have been very helpful so I treated.

    Tomorrow, we finish packing in the morning and the movers come in the afternoon. Sunday I will return alone to the empty house and scrub down everything in hopes that my deposit will be forthcoming.

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