Far Butt


Tomorrow is ensoku (遠足) with third graders. We might translate this as ‘field trip’; although literally the kanji are ‘far’ and ‘foot’. Traditionally ensoku should involve a lot of walking with some kind of studying and a little eating. Someone decides on a list of acceptable sites for each grade level and schools select the one they find appropriate to their location.

Occasionally they will decide a place is good, but too far and they’ll rent a bus or take the train. Today a teacher was telling me about their trip this week and they had gone by train. I asked if it was enjiri (遠尻), at first the teacher didn’t get it, but when I explained a little she laughed honestly; however, by definition a joke needing explanation is not a good joke. These characters are ‘far’ and ‘butt’, because they didn’t go far on their feet, but rather on their keesters. Of course, once they arrived at their destination, they had to crawl all over the mountainside collecting information.

My girlfriend came over tonight and made a wonderful dinner for three. Nobody else was here, just the portion was enough for three; which means there are leftovers for me to use when I make my lunch for the field trip with the third grade. It is very traditional Japanese food, so I will get astonished reactions from the teachers when we stop for lunch.


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2 Responses to “Far Butt”

  1. Stefanie Says:

    Hope the field trip goes well!

  2. びっくり Says:

    It worked out as a good opportunity to find out which kids disobey direct instruction from the teachers, and which kids are lazy whiners. This should help me be prepared to deal with them in class. Also, the kids who really want to speak English came up to me as soon as they saw me and tried their skills. I will use them when I need to get people responding in class.

    We stopped at the Prefecture offices on the way and saw their roof, basement, and council chambers. The basement was cool because it was loaded with earthquake defense: the entire building can move about 1 meter on its dampers.

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