Eighth Place


Pulled down an eighth place finish at the photo society meeting last night. Of course, only ten people submitted photos this month. One frequent submitter uses digital and her computer broke, sparing me a ninth place finish for sure. Like anything, to be good, one must pour their heart into it.

Processing the photos, I just made some quick crops and printed them out from my printer. Really, I should spend more time fixing the color balance, bumping the pixel count, and adding a nice black frame with a thin white border; more importantly, I should also take the time to print them out at the photography store. This week, I was just happy to get them printed.

Also, the day I took the photo, I was at a sumo tournament with friends. We sat in our box and chatted, but were I serious about the photography, I would have sat down in the front boxes until the customers arrived. The highest paying customers generally come for the top-billed matches and others can freely use their seats for the lower-ranked matches. I certainly won’t fault myself for choosing socializing first; it just means the photography comes second.

I want to be a better photographer, but life is all about balancing our choices.



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