OK, eight days straight with post containing photos and one post with twelve of them: I think I have fulfilled my promise of a rash of photos. I still have more, but might slow down a little to give both the readers and myself a little breather.

Yebisu Hooks OmedeTaiToday’s photo is Yebisu (恵比須・恵比寿・夷・戎・蛭子・ヱビス), a Buddhist (god?), with at least six writings for his name, who is a representation of things propitious. He is always very happy, has long ears, and – as seen here – hooks a large fish with his bamboo rod. I took other angles that were very descriptive but chose to post this more artistic (?) shot.

He always catches a tai (鯛), a bream, in a play on words for omedetai (お目出度い) – a blessed or fortunate event. I think most people would have trouble naming all seven of the Buddhist pantheon members, but everyone knows this face.


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