Open for Business


Last Friday we had the day off for the Vernal Equinox (and you wonder why people think Japanese people are nature worshipers.) I met my girlfriend on a limited express train to Kyoto. She was on her way to a conference and we needed to talk. Being to busy to just meet like normal folks, we stole time on the train.

Pooh's?While she was in her conference I strolled about the city looking for something interesting to photograph. I am a member of AJAPS (All-Japan Association of Photographic Societies・全日本写真連盟) and often neglect to submit photos at our meetings, so I made use of my time. Nothing really prize-worthy jumped out, but I got some fun photos.

Here is a restaurant that made me laugh. Clearly the staff knows they are “OPEN” for business, but whoever did the glass painting seemed uncertain who owns the restaurant. It is Pooh, isn’t it?


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2 Responses to “Open for Business”

  1. Stefanie Says:

    I love the question mark. It is so very Pooh-like.

  2. びっくり Says:

    In which Bikkuri boards a train, has an important conversation, and gets lost without being lost.

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