They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I won’t give you any words here. Can you tell what it is?


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6 Responses to “Oh!”

  1. ナヴァー Says:

    It looks, very similar at least, to a vase being dipped into water.. yet somehow it seems alive.. is it some sea critter?

  2. ナヴァー Says:

    Of course.. the picture’s description on Flickr gives it away.

  3. びっくり Says:

    I didn’t even think about the click-through revealing all. I was a little worried about the tags appearing below the photo. I took quite a few shots to get him with his mouth perfectly round like that. Several shots were frowny-faces and such. Also, most of the fish were gray and not as striking.

  4. Stefanie Says:

    Looks like a hungry carp 🙂

  5. びっくり Says:

    Yeah, as far as I can tell, they are always hungry. If I were a real photography I would carry fish bait and cat food in my pocket all the time. Japanese cats can be particularly skittish and hard to photograph, but they are often hungry.

  6. Goldfish, Goldfish What Do You See? « Neo-新びっくりブログ Says:

    […] Most of the fish were gray, there was one orange fish with a particularly active mouth who was my target. However, there was one slightly shy fish who was an eye-catcher. His skin was actually gold in […]

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