Cleansing Place


Cleansing PlaceHow many days in a row do I have to post photos before we can call it ‘a rash’? In Japan, Buddhist temples (お寺) and Shinto shrines (神社) both have basins of fresh running water to rinse out your mouth and wash your hands before entering to worship. On the Vernal Equinox holiday I was in Kyoto for a short visit (actually I was just in for the train ride, but it would be a waste to return without looking around a little.) My first stop was Chion-in (知恩院), one of the more famous temples in the city. I was shooting away and this shot just struck me as postable.

Ladles rest around the basins to dip water out. The water is not to be drunk. It is just for cleansing. Rinse and spit, wash hands, turn the ladel up so that water runs down the handle leaving it clean for the next visitor.


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2 Responses to “Cleansing Place”

  1. Stefanie Says:

    It looks so lovely and peaceful.

  2. びっくり Says:

    Although I don’t enter the Buddhist temples for worship, I still enjoy the practice of cleansing before entering. It is very fitting at the shrines which are in sacred forests. One enjoys a particular sense of peace in those places.

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