Sunday Soundcheck 42


Second entry for the ‘H’ column brings us to hi, written in hiragana as ひ, and katakana as ヒ. I thought this week would have a variety of words, but most of the katakana words turned out to be names of plants and trees. But I might have found some good words.

Hiaringu or hiyaringu (ヒアリング・ヒヤリング) is taken directly from ‘hearing’, but it means ‘listening’. Many exams include ‘hearing tests’ and – although many dictionaries explain that this phrase has a completely different meaning in English – will probably continue for many years to come.

Higawari (ひがわり・日替わり) is a combination of ‘day’ and ‘change’ and is often put before ‘lunch’ to mean “lunch of the day” or “today’s special”. A lot of restaurants will make a lot of one food on a given day and offer a special price. Ordering the higawari also makes for a speedier meal since most of the preparation is done. Perhaps some regulars also order it because you know you are going to get variety without having to think about what to order.


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