Sumo Ballet


Sunday we gathered eight people together to fill two boxes at opening day of the 2009 Osaka Sumo tournament (大阪場所). I want to write a bundle and include a lot of amusing photos, but time keeps getting away from me and I feel like I need to rest. Sumo BalletHere is one shot to tide everyone over; or, perhaps to tide me over, since I have this compulsion to write about it.

Asashoryu (朝青龍) is considered by many to be the greatest rikishi (力士) ever. He certainly is impressive to watch in action. Here he’s balancing on tiptoes on one leg to stay in the ring: his opponent is the large, barely clothed man standing almost in the crowd. It was an impressive win and he followed it up with something subtly amusing which I couldn’t see from my backside seats (向), but my later photos show all manner of laughter and enjoyment coming from the fans sitting in front.

He has had many problems adapting to the formality of sumo which earned him a rather despised status for a long time; however, he seems to be adusting at last and there is a push on to get him more acceptance. With luck we could have three yokozuna (横綱) in the future.


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One Response to “Sumo Ballet”

  1. Stefanie Says:

    What a great photo. The crowd behind him looks like they are enjoying themselves very much.

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