Sick Puppy


Not feeling well. Suddenly a brutal, pounding headache came on today, and my throat keeps swinging between phlegmy and scratchy, under constant threat of going south. At my evening class I was wearing two jackets and a scarf in a heated room and still had chills. By the end of class I was feeling better.

Got some orange juice and ate some homemade rice with takenoko from my neighbor. If I go to bed now, I should get a good night’s sleep. Can’t miss photo society meeting tomorrow night, because it is time to re-register for next year.

Oh, almost forgot. My work schedule for the next year came yesterday. I was hoping to go from six schools to three schools, instead I now have seven schools and I lost my favorite one. More on all this when I have time.


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4 Responses to “Sick Puppy”

  1. Stefanie Says:

    I hope you feel better soon!

  2. Dorothy W. Says:

    I’m very sorry you’re sick! I hope you feel better soon. Rest up!

  3. びっくり Says:

    Doing OK today. My throat is a little scratchy and I’m really tired, but no headache. Usually I worry when my throat starts to scratch because yelling at the students aggravates it; however, today I was teaching my last class for 1st and 3rd grade at my favorite school. They are often well-behaved and today was a special day so they were pretty excited to have fun. Each student gave me a hand-written letter. If I’m feeling energetic, I might try to scan some of that fun into bloggable images.

  4. びっくり Says:

    Doing quite well today even though I have been running constantly for the last four days. Tomorrow night will be crazy as well, and Saturday brings my once a month casual class and then calligraphy study. The a day and a half of remembering how to breathe (and some housecleaning???)

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