Narrowing in on the Target


Japanese tradition involves meeting the family of one’s beloved before getting married. My sweetheart lives at her job 24/7 and usually can’t take more than two or three days off in a row. Living on the other side of an ocean from my family is giving us some logistical twists.

The boss at the top of the ladder, is excited for her and gave her permission to take an extended leave for this purpose. Have you worked in an organization more than a few layers deep? If so, you can grasp the concept that, one’s direct superior might lay down a few more restrictions. For example, with staff turnovers at the end of March, she will be expected to do a lot of training and cover for a lot during this time.

We had hoped to make the trip at the end of July and beginning of August to get back before the O-Bon (御盆) holidays. Details of why this was best for my girlfriend and her charges escape my sleep-deprived brain at the moment; regardless, her immediate boss had a different idea. Officially, I was given the parameters of planning a trip exactly 11 days long (including travel time) which sandwiches August 13, 14, 15. I’ll be spending a few hours tomorrow checking flights for all the options: Aug 7 to Aug 17; Aug 12 to Aug 22; and anything in between.

Soon we can start planning the finer details and figuring out how to introduce her properly to a few hundred relatives and a thousand acquaintances. Also, I hope to show her some Washington beauty and sample some hard-to-find-in-Japan consumables.

  • Snoqualmie Falls
  • San Juan Islands
  • Victoria, B.C.
  • Ferry boats
  • Space Needle
  • Sourdough bread
  • Baked salmon
  • Neapolitan pizza
  • Texas BBQ brisket

She is convinced that I want to turn her into a little piggy. I assured her that nothing could be farther from the truth, but if it happens, I’ll love her just the same. Any other ideas for places to see or things to eat in Washington?


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2 Responses to “Narrowing in on the Target”

  1. verbivore Says:

    The view from Queen Anne Hill and a yummy breakfast at the 5-spot diner, or the arboretum, one of my absolute favorites.
    Have fun planning your trip!

  2. びっくり Says:

    Maybe I could take her canoeing through the arboretum, I’m a lifetime member of the Alumni Club, so I get a cheap price. Yes, the view from Queen Anne is a must; it is so hard to explain to people that the Space Needle isn’t 2000 feet tall until they stand there and see. All those photos are so misleading.

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