Sunday Soundcheck 39


Today we are at the sound ne, written in hiragana as ね and katakana as ネ. Remember that the vowel sound here is like the name of the letter A.

For our katakana word today, let’s use nega (ネガ), which is just a shortened form of the English word ‘negative’. In this case we mean the noun, as in, “Did you use slide film or negatives?” This one might not be generally useful, but I sure hear it a lot at photo society.

Nenpi (ねんぴ・燃費) will be our hiragana word for the day. It is basically ‘gas mileage’ (or is that ‘kilometerage’?) or ‘fuel efficiency’. Sometimes it is in units of how many liters are consumed to drive 100 kilometers, but I prefer the calculation in kilometers per liter. This was a hot topic when the price of gasoline shot up, and it is always on the radar because almost all Japanese people believe in global warming.

Next Sunday we will complete the N column.


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