The Tide Washes Over Me


My backlog of “I’ll post this soon” and “I’ve got to research this before I write it” and “I need photos to post with this” is growing by the day. I haven’t even uploaded the photos of the Christmas present I made for my girlfriend yet. I was going to post one of the “research needed” entries tonight, but it is already 9pm and I have to leave at 8am for my vacation. If I wasn’t so tired, I’d give it a whirl.

Instead, how about some updates?

  • Sometime this year I am hoping to move to Ise, but I will continue working for the Tsu Board of Education (for the time being).
  • Tomorrow and Saturday I will be on vacation in Kyoto for Valentine’s Day. I think most of the time will be spent shopping or eating. I haven’t decided if I will tote my camera along.
  • Sunday looks like ice skating and hot spring soaking in Iga. (Maybe I will post the Sunday Soundcheck tonight because of the crazy schedule.)
  • I have been watching my food intake a little and feel like I am trimming down. I am wearing pants that have been sitting in a drawer for two years. Tonight I had two fried eggs with whole wheat bread, a mandarin orange, and a plate of sliced cucumber and tomato for dinner.
  • Muscle soreness from skiing has peaked and is fading away. My legs must be in good shape; all the soreness is in my back and ribs.

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