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Queen’s English School and Big Wave English School held another joint activity this weekend. Fun is certainly a primary focus for these schools and it is always nice to get an invite from them. How businesses interact is an peculiar thing to study. Being a teacher not in their employ, they could easily view me as competition and shun me (as other owners have done before); however, they have a view that we are a small fraternity and should be looking out for each other. Now that I am on contract with the city this is not such an issue, but when I was running my school I was careful not to do anything perceivable as marketing to their students. (I’m sure that would sour a relationship fast.)

Weekend festivities included a road trip to Gifu (岐阜県), a party with about 30 people in a rental condo, and a day of skiing at Takasu (高鷲) before heading home. I was a little nervous because I haven’t exactly been exercising regularly, but the body held up fine and I was able to make some smooth runs. Most of the time I was entertaining two of Dave’s students: one of whom went skiing three times, so she wouldn’t embarass herself in front of everyone on this trip; and one who rides big bikes for fun. Both of them were in good shape, which made for a lot of fun on the slopes.

Just a little wild activity happened at the party and we ended up with about three hours of sleep. I took a couple five minute naps on the gondola rides, but I was dead-tired when I got home. We got caught in several horrible traffic jams, so it was after midnight before I was out. That means I’m a little short on sleep again today. Tonight, I hope to rest well.

Wanting to avoid disappointing my regular readers, I post-dated the Sunday Soundcheck entry. Also, I noticed that after my break from blogging, the hits for my site have shot up again to new levels. My reason for mentioning stats is that Sunday had an unexplained peak in activity that almost surpassed my previous high. The previous spike was directly related to tattoo related searches when my friend’s “Fish Ball Soup Tattoo” that I helped translate, became very popular. (For the record, that page has more than 10 times as many all time hits as my next most popular post.) My guess is that yesterday’s peak was also tattoo related, but the data doesn’t seem to support that. Perhaps this will just remain a mystery.


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