Indisposable Coffee


When I moved out to Ichishi-cho, I moved into the previous teacher’s apartment. He had a few things I wanted (TV, DVD players, phone, …) and several things he didn’t want to ship back to America (weights, couch, pots, …). I got a hard line offer from him: one price, all items, non-negotiable. From a negotiating standpoint, I suppose I could have said, “Oh I wanted the TV and DVD players, but no thanks on the package deal.” He would have been over a barrel with no way to get everything disposed of quickly, but I never like negotiating with friends and acquaintences. Overall, I probably got a decent price, it wasn’t like he was trying to cheat me; just trying to make his escape from Japan easy.

Recently I managed to sell off the weights, and a second hand store is coming to look at the couch (and other things I’ve collected over the years.) This has helped make the old deal even more palatable. However, we are way off of today’s topic: allow me to bring you back.

Included in the package deal was whatever food remained in the kitchen. I tossed a bit of it out when I moved to the apartment. Later, when I moved to this house in Sakurada-cho I turfed a bit more. Now that I have a girlfriend who loves to cook, it has become more important to keep the kitchen orderly. When she visits and wants to cook for me, I certainly want it to be as pleasant an experience as possible for her. Yesterday we spent some time adjusting the height of commonly used items and tossing out unused items.

Gold’s Gym muscle booster, pancake mix, old spices all made their way to the waste bin, but one item proved nearly impossible to throw out. A jar of instant coffee needed to be sorted into burnable (coffee), glass (jar), and plastic (lid) garbage; however, the contents were solid and no amount of banging on the counter could dislodge the grounds. This morning, before the burnable waste pick-up, I was able to dig it out with a small spoon.

Normally I’m good at tossing things I don’t think I will ever use, but yesterday’s experiences let me know I should re-evaluate that. Do you need to clear out anything in your pantry? Here’s to clean kitchens.


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