Many post topics come to mind today, but some really need photos and I have no time for that right now, and others require a lack of discretion. Fortunately for me (unfortunately for you) my discretion supply is ample today.

Anyhow, today we made pasta carbonara with the bacon I received as a New Years present. We also tried to make the bacon, crouton, vegetable soup from the Feb/Mar issue of Kurashi no Techou (暮らしの手帖). I was satisfied that tasty bacon can be found in Japan, now I have to figure out where my neighbor bought it.

We have many occasions to give presents in Japan. O-chugen (御中元), is in the Summertime, usually the first half of July; O-nenga (御年賀) is from December 13th to December 25th. At these times we send gifts to people who have helped us in some way. Of course, the definition of help in these cases is different from how a Western person would think. Sometimes the presents are given to someone whose presence feels supportive. My rash of pork products were this year’s O-nenga.


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