And the Lame Shall Walk


Normally I teach at the same four schools every week, but occassionally I have special assignments. January has me teaching everyday at the same school, allowing me to get to know the children a little better; however, I only teach each class three times since there are so many classes.

While checking up on my communications online, the Principal came to tell me that one second grade student injured his leg and was supposed to stay home. Today is the last time I will teach that class and he insisted on going to school because he wouldn’t miss it for the world. Did I say that I like this school? It’s a pretty powerful feeling, knowing that I can make the lame walk. Normally that’s reserved for people like the Messiah.

Something else peculiar about this school is that I know many of the students’ family members. One friend’s little sisters go to school here. Several teachers I work with have children here. My new acquaintance who owns a pastry shop has a son here. It is almost eerie how many connections are here. Usually I have one or two connections in each school.


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One Response to “And the Lame Shall Walk”

  1. kevenker Says:

    That’s very cool. You know you’re doing something right when they’ll do that!

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