Hat Trick


All three of my large cardboard boxes, which I checked on the flight, had the distinction of being searched – and quite thoroughly at that – by our Homeland Security TSA friends. Normally, when my boxes contain the “Notice of Baggage Inspection” flyer, there aren’t many other signs; however, this time was a little different.

In an attempt to get 70 pounds into each box, I packed them as tight as possible while keeping everything unbroken. Things were not in the same order and a few minor items were damaged because of it. A large amount of the TSA strapping tape was plastered over the boxes.

Whenever I have baggage or mail opened for inspection, I try to evaluate why they found it necessary. One of the boxes contained about eight pots and pans with lids and accessories. Investigating the innards clearly could not be done with automatic methods. I was puzzled by the second box though: it was full of photos; not so dangerous-looking, nor hard to inspect externally. Ah, well, sometimes the answer is unfathomable.


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