Lego Store


Legos are the source of many fond childhood memories; and possibly the beginning of my desires to do engineering work. I still have thousands of little plastic blocks; although, they are in boxes in my storage locker and haven’t become anything in years. Early on, Legos developers kept coming up with interesting little advancements; creating fascinating and useful new pieces, so we could create more realistic vehicles, buildings, and such.

Unfortunately, there was a long period after that of generating pieces for the creativity challenged and the lazy. Several newer, and more expensive, sets had panels that would snap into place. One could quickly pop-up a castle or something, but along with this ease came a lack of flexibility – a core element of Lego construction.

Last week, I was exposed to the Lego store. All along the back wall, and all the way to the mall-height ceiling, are ranks and columns of cylindrical bins full of brightly colored bricks. All of the bricks seem to follow the creative and useful pattern; and – here’s the great part – you can scoop them out in whatever proportions you like. It’s just like going to get pounds of penny candy when I was a kid. OK, maybe when my grandpa was a kid, but you get the idea.

You choose which size fountain cup you want and fill it with your desired pieces for a fixed price. Also, in the desire to conserve (or more likely, the desire to generate repeat business) you can bring the cup in to refill at a lower price.

While picking up a friend, eating some (real) yogurt, glimpsing the Lego store, and peeking into the Apple store, I noticed that any economic recession the news media is selling us, was distinctly inobservable. Bellevue Square was packed with people scurrying hither and thither, queuing up to great lengths, and toting large bags of goodies. It must be thanks to PE Obama.


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4 Responses to “Lego Store”

  1. LeBlanc Says:

    I loved Legos as a kid and my wife STILL buys them from time to time. She would love this.

  2. Stefanie Says:

    You must go to Legoland park in CA. I haven’t been there, but I have family ho have and they loved it.

  3. fightingwindmills Says:

    Sounds like a really fun store!

  4. びっくり Says:

    I bought a bin of wonderful little bits. When I couldn’t find the boat prop piece that got me so excited about this idea, I asked about the display management procedure. Apparently they switch out the bins periodically.

    The pleasant shopkeeper went in the back and brought out a box of boat propellers, but they were different. (Even so, I stuck a few of them in my cup.) I thought if I asked a couple more questions, she might just turn me loose in the back room to pick from any box I wanted; however, I needed to go eat and decided to be satisfied with what I’d grabbed so far. Maybe I’ll put up some photos.

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