Time Traveling


I’ll be hopping on a boat to the airport in 6 hours. Hopefully, I can wake up early and heat up the tonjiru I made last night. I was trying to empty the fridge of all perishables before leaving town. I love the time travel aspect of these trips back to Seattle. My flight leaves Tokyo about 3:30pm and lands in Seattle at 6:45am. Oddly, I don’t feel any younger when I get off the plane.

We had a nice year-end party on Friday night. It was remarkably subdued as these bounenkai or toshiwasure go. We had a good time and I got home by 9pm. My girlfriend also had a year-end party and she went off on the nijikai (party after the party), so she was feeling a bit run down Saturday. She’s coming to drive me to the boat and ride to the airport with me: I hope she’s all rested up from Friday.

I was buying up inexpensive items for Christmas presents and souvenirs and ended out dropping a ton of money. It is amazing how fast things add up. A significant chunk was, admittedly, from a wonderful dessert shop – called T2 – which isn’t all that cheap.

Seattlites beware! Bikkuri will be loose in your fair city soon.


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2 Responses to “Time Traveling”

  1. kevenker Says:

    Great! Lookin forward to seeing you soon! I don’t know how well that’s gonna work out w/ all this dang snow though! 😦 My brother’s been in town for 3 days and I have only managed to talk to him on the phone. 😦

  2. びっくり Says:

    Well, I’m here… so, let’s talk on the phone then. 😉

    I’m thinking about getting a rental car, but the road conditions weren’t so hot coming from the airport today.

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