I Like That Kind of Dopey Guy


My girlfriend and I don’t get to see each other as often as I would like (i.e., everyday). She had a day off today, but I had three things scheduled almost back to back after work. She was hoping to leave for Ise around 9pm, but I convinced her to stop in from nine to nine fifteen. Some household items I purchased needed her approval (yes, I care what she thinks about my home).

So, in order to kick my houseguest out by 9pm, I set an alarm on my cell phone for 8:55. At some point, I noticed the time on the phone was 9:12… I left the phone in ‘silent’ mode. The funny thing is that mail messages make the phone buzz and hum in silent mode, but alarms go totally silent. Mail must just be that important.

Fortunately, my girlfriend said she likes that kind of dopey guy. I’m taking great liberty in translation here.


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