A Slippery Slope


Awesome news story tonight. 58 year old man drives car off cliff and plummets 200 meters. OK, doesn’t sound so good so far, but wait: minor scratches on lower leg were his only injuries. Japan is a string of islands dominated by volcanic mountains. We have a lot of winding roads cut into the sides of sheer faces. Often, I look over the edge and wonder what happens when someone makes a mistake. It has to happen sometime, if previous events are any indication.

A rabbit jumped in front of this man’s car as he was navigating the turns at 4am. He swerved and the next thing he recalls is being trapped nose down with branches pinning the car doors shut. He waited patiently until day three when a motorist caught sight of the vehicle and stopped. The trapped man waved a red folder around so the curious driver would know he was there.

In proper Japanese fashion he apologized profusely for the trouble he caused to fire and police rescue workers. Now that I know one can safely drop over the side, I won’t be so careful next time.


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One Response to “A Slippery Slope”

  1. Teela Says:

    haha! NO you will still be careful!!! 🙂

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