Sneaking a Peek


Because my girlfriend lives at work and the children are wards of the state, it is difficult for me to visit her there. Last night she sent a message letting me know that they were having their culture festival and the building would be open to the public. I didn’t need a second invite. This morning I hopped an early train and got there in time for the opening taiko (太鼓) drum band. She was working so I couldn’t chat with her, but it was a pleasure to see her working. On the seventh, I’ll get to see her again for a few hours.

I met several of the children in August at a fireworks show. They all remembered me, one of them even remembered that I taught him the word ‘pooh’: be careful what you teach children, their minds are like sieves. There were several hands-on craft activities, so I tried Ise Katagami (伊勢型紙). I’ll take some photos of works and write this up soon.

Afterwards, I wandered around several parts of Ise to orient myself for a possible future move there. Before catching the train back, I stopped into Daiki (大喜), a restaurant where an acquaintance works as a sushi chef. Apparently it is recognized by the Emperor as a special place to eat. The food was tasty, and not so expensive for it’s location and atmosphere.


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