On the Way – Part 1


We used to laugh at people in America who would drive around the parking lot at the gym looking for an open spot right up front. Also, we were amused by the people who wouldn’t ride a bike to the gym but, once there, would do “cardio warm-up” on… a bike. This must be universal. Friday, I was chatting with the fittest teacher at one school. He told me he changed gyms. When I heard the location I asked if he biked there: “I don’t have time”, came the response.

I left work shortly after that and rode my poor bike to the repair shop. On the way there, I passed his gym. As I pondered this, I realized that the time to get there by car would be about the same because of traffic problems.

I have been a neglecting exercise over the past couple years and was disappointed that my trip to the repair shop was one of the longest rides I have done in months. Talk about motivation through realization.

Before the festival I parked my bike in what I thought was a safe location. I was upset when I retrieved it almost three days later and it had been vandalized. On the bright side, my favorite bike repairwoman fixed it all up for 520 yen; she is too kind. She also said to bring it in for any complimentary adjustments needed.


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2 Responses to “On the Way – Part 1”

  1. Sunkissd1 Says:

    I love the irony of it all! There is also a double standard at the gym. It goes like this….if you’re a woman and you arrive in the morning to work out with your hair done and make up on, people make fun of that …actually it’s the concept they poke fun at. However, if that same woman comes in later, say 10am or any other time of the day, it’s acceptable and unnoticed. It is assumed she came from work or whatever.

    Usually when I go to the gym, I have other stops to make afterward or a day to get to, so when I leave the house, I’m ready for my day. The gym has negative water pressure, so showering and all that there, is a wasted effort. People at my gym are pretty friendly overall, but a few years ago, I had one woman I didn’t know come up to me in the locker room and make some snotty comment about my hair and makeup being done (it was 9:30+). She received an appropriate response. I hadn’t given it much thought up to that point. I think I only saw her once or twice after that and is no longer a member.

    I like the part where you talk about being motivated by realization and then parked your bike for 3 days. Beautiful!

    A few years ago, Alyssa decided she didn’t want to take the bus to school, she was either going to walk or ride her bike. She pushed and pushed for a new bike, finally got one, had a 5 alarm fire about needing a new helmet (a cool one too, I might add), then rode to school once, claiming it took the same amount of time to walk as ride. Keven had so much fun with that logic. Ultimately she went back to riding the bus. Remember, she had to budget about another hour into her morning to accomodate the travel time as school was several miles from home and she had both ways to account for.

  2. titus2woman Says:

    HA HA HA! Home videos ALL THE WAY~LOL! I used to bike thirty miles round trip to work~think I already shared that, but I LOVED IT! I’m gettin’ my groove back now, though very sloowwwly. UGH.

    I HATE riding with someone who has to have a front space ANYWHERE. You can always park in the back and walk up WAY faster than all that drivin’ around…. (((((HUGS))))) sandi

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