A Time for Reading


After four and a half years I’m still learning something new everyday. Each month I have to choose two calligraphy models to copy and submit for review. Sometimes I select which models to use based on the balance of the characters or the technical difficulty, but I always study the meaning before choosing. Many of the writings are based on Buddhist teachings; so, I verify that I’m not writing something which is counter to my beliefs. This month I was going over the works with my girlfriend and she added historical reference.

All of the choices included references to reading and she told me that Fall is considered a time for books. Over the next few days I pondered this and it dawned on my that last year and the year before, the October works were about book reading. Funny that I didn’t pick up on that before.

One favorite was dokusho hyappen (読書百遍), which I’ll just translate as “read it 100 times”. There is a concept that we should read a desirable work 100 times and we can understand it well. Just think if we all read our Bibles through 100 times: we might remember to speak truth; consider others more important than ourselves; be slow to anger; be not afraid; and so on.

So, be Japanese: spend your Autumn curled up with some good books.


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One Response to “A Time for Reading”

  1. verbivore Says:

    Lovely thought, rereading is a wonderful way to gain clarity and experience a book on a completely new level again and again. I’ve always loved the word 読書 – that reading and writing would be two processes implicitly implicated in the act of reading.

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