Could You Repeat That?


Today I played a game with the kids called “The Shotoku Taishi Game”. This game can be a lot of fun, but until today I didn’t know why it was named after Shotoku Taishi (聖徳太子).

Play proceeds by having a number of students stand at the front of the room, each saying a different phrase. Today we were preparing for self introductions, so I had them use phrases like: “My name is Musashi Miyamoto.”, “I am from Brazil.”, “I like cooking.” The remaining students are supposed to identify what someone said.

One of the teacher taught me one of the legends surrounding Shotoku Taishi. He is said to have been able to listen to ten people talking at the same time and discern their words. Skills like this allowed him to be a great leader and counselor of the people.

Naturally the game requires lots of repetition; especially if the students are talking and looking away from the speakers. The fifth graders did a pretty good job and had fun doing it.


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