Beautiful Sitings Along the Trail 10


The last in this series of things I noticed while scouting out trailheads and hiking up Kyou ga Mine at the end of August. It’s amazing how much beauty, amusement, and joy can come in such a short period of time.

One of the trailhead roads is significantly less than 2 meters wide and runs almost 3 kilometers up a steep winding slope. Part of the way there is a sharp drop into a stream on one side. If I met a car coming the opposite direction, I’m not sure how to handle that situation. This trail is rarely used, for obvious reasons, so the foliage was also hanging in a bit. When I was about halfway up, I encountered a tree that had fallen across the trail. I had passed an open dirt patch several meters back and considered navigating back to attempt to turn around; however, in a very Teddy Roosevelt-like moment, I decided I must continue to the very end. I was wearing bath slippers and shorts, and the rain was coming down hard, but I managed to muscle the tree off into the undergrowth. There was plenty of clean rainwater running through, so I could clean my hands. OK, the tree wasn’t that big, but I still felt manly.

Coming out of the mountains I had another amusing event. The atmospheric conditions changed sharply and the windows fogged up. I tried the trick I learned in Houston: air conditioning through the defroster vent will clear up a window in seconds. Unfortunately, no matter how much A/C I pumped out the window just got worse. Finally I realized the windows had fogged up on the outside; how peculiar is that? I rolled down the side windows, turned on the wipers, and all was good in the world.

This has been fun remembering all the fun and interesting stuff from the hike. I hope it was good for you, too.


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