Beautiful Sitings Along the Trail 1


Recently I’ve been too tired and cranky and let some of that into my blog world (for which I think I am suffering now.) To brighten the atmosphere a bit I thought I’d give short descriptions of serendipitous images from my hike at the end of August. All of them are probably photo worthy, but I made a firm decision not to take the camera along on a hike meant for reflection and study.

Exploring a lesser used trailhead in the driving rain the day before my hike, I turned a corner to get a nice view of a mother and baby deer (鹿親子). Standing amidst the wet cypress and cedar, they were really quite stunning. I felt they knew not to fear me, but once they let me admire them, instinct kicked in and they pranced up the hillside.


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One Response to “Beautiful Sitings Along the Trail 1”

  1. fightingwindmills Says:

    How lovely. I instinctively hold my breath when I see deer. That’s an admirable decision not to take the camera along.

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