That’ll Stick to Your Ribs


Last week we had a little governmental shake-up. One of our Ministers had to step down from his position because of a rice-related scandal. China has been selling inedible rice to Japan. Now, when I first saw this I wanted to blame China for the trouble based on their bad track record with food and product safety; however, the rice was indeed not meant to be eaten. It was actually a mixture of rice and glue. The problem arose when the rice was being washed and used by food manufacturers in Japan.

Apparently the Minister denied the problem initially, which never goes over well when the facts come to light.

My response to this was, “Just one more reason to buy locally grown organic foods.” I’ve never found glue residue in the rice from our area.


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2 Responses to “That’ll Stick to Your Ribs”

  1. LeBlanc Says:

    Out of curiosity, for what is glue-covered rice normally used? Arts & crafts or something?

  2. びっくり Says:

    I didn’t ask that many questions… arts & crafts sounds plausible… perhaps as a raw material for making other kinds of pastes… I’ll have to check into it later.

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