Sunday Soundcheck 29


Sound number four in the ‘T’ column is te, which we represent in hiragana as て and katakana as テ. Remember that the vowel sound here is a long ‘a’ sound as in ‘hay’, ‘say’, ‘pay’.

Teema (テーマ) translates as ‘theme’, ‘subject’, or ‘motif’. I have seen it used a lot: from the Expo, to speech contests.

Here’s a bonus word this month for folks into crocheting, knitting, lacework, and such. Teami (てあみ) is handmade knitting (or crocheting, …); written in kanji as 手編み.

Reading this next word helped me improve my life here: teikyuubi (ていきゅうび) is the day that a business is closed. Most shops are closed one or two days a week, being able to read the sign in front of the shop avoids a lot of wasted trips. On the signs it will be written in kanji as 定休日.


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