Happy Terrorist Day


Have we given a name to September 11th yet? If we expect everyone to remember it, perhaps we should name it. I was thinking Terrorist Day would get the point across. But that got me thinking: would it be in poor taste to wish someone a Happy Terrorist Day?

My feeling is that, if we all have to walk around sullen and somber on this day, then the terrorists have indeed won. However, if we try to enjoy this day and encourage others around us, then the terrorists have lost. Of course there was a lot of suffering that day, but mourning and being terrified should be two separate things.

I’m hoping to see my sweetheart for about 15 minutes tonight before she heads back to work, so I’ll be happy this Terrorist Day.


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7 Responses to “Happy Terrorist Day”

  1. thenonconformer Says:


  2. Fuzzy Logic 2000 Says:

    This blog is nice.. I liked it a lot.. Especially cuz i’m interested in Japanese (i’ve passed level 1)

  3. びっくり Says:

    Thanks for the compliment and for commenting. Congrats on Level 1. Someday, maybe… but for now I need to pass Level 2.

  4. Steve Says:

    I wholeheartedly agree. I’ve been wishing people a Happy Terrorist Day today for the past six years.

  5. Dena Says:

    Good observation Erik…praise God for the good that came out of the destruction, the dismay, the disaster…declarations not defeat…or indeed the terrorists did win!

  6. びっくり Says:

    Thanks for the positive comments. I was surprised at how many hits this post got. Some people actually searched using “Happy Terrorist Day”; which I was not expecting.

  7. madkat Says:

    I must profess that I have an extremely difficult time associating the word “happy” with “terrorist” and with the idea of recognizing them with their own special day. While I certainly agree with the sentiment that it should be a positive day, I, personally, like to think of it as “Happy Hero Day”. The spotlight did not shine on the terrorists that day, but rather on the countless courageous people who stepped up as heroes. Therefore, it is my belief that it is they who should be recognized on the 11th. I celebrate the day by saying a heartfelt prayer for all those who lost their lives and the family and friends they left behind, then I bask in pride as I look at the resiliency of our country and particularly the residents of NYC. I don’t think there has ever been a feeling here that the terrorists won, nor do I see people walking around somber and/or terrified. We have proven that we are country filled with extraordinary people who will persevere, regardless of what tragedy befalls us.

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