Sunday Soundcheck 27


The second sound in the ‘T’ column is chi. It’s written in another system as ‘ti’, but the sound to an English speakers ear usually sounds more like chi. The tongue is generally placed close to the same location as it would for an ordinary ‘t’ sound, but the tongue doesn’t strike the pallet so much. Also, always keep in mind that in Japanese the lips aren’t moved so much. Chi is written in hiragana as ち and in katakana as チ.

Chibetto (チベット) was in the news a lot leading up to the Olympics, but I don’t know that I hear it so much now. This the Japanese way to say Tibet.

Chaashuu (チャーシュー) is a favorite of mine. It is a Chinese style of cooking pork. First the pork is treated with sugar and spice, soy sauce and sake, then it is roasted and sliced. Often you can find it floating atop very tasty ramen. This certainly meets my criteria for being a word which can be used regularly in conversation. Yum!

Conversation with my girlfriend covers a tremendous range of topics and, whenever it is time for the Soundcheck, never fails to leave me with a new word that matches the needs of the week. Chiryou (ちりょう) means treatment, cure, remedy, or therapy. It can be written in kanji as 治療. This has come up twice in the last week, and here it is time for chi words.


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