Getting What You Wish For


One friend who reads a lot of news often forwards interesting articles for me to read. A recent story was about a man who removes bees from places where they are a nuisance. He makes a point to rescue the bees rather than destroying them. In the story one of his jobs was detailed. It involved removing bees from an apple tree. I sent an email back to my friend indicating that while reading the article I was continually thinking, “Apple honey, yummm!!!”

My favorite restauranteurs were, at that very moment, buying a souvenir for me in Fukui Prefecture (福井県). Can you guess what it was? When I was talking to my friends about how amazing that was, they said it wasn’t so amazing because this was actually honey with apple in it, as opposed to honey made by bees using apple blossom nectar. Either way, I thought it was pretty cosmic. Also, it is quite tasty.


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