A Touch of SiLLiNeSS!


I wanted to post something last night, but I guess I was too tired: I collapsed into a slumber fairly early on. I’m a bit tired today as well, so I’ll just put down a short one that I was thinking about the other day.

My favorite restaurant often serves a simple salad with their sets. It is made with yosedofu (寄せ豆腐), mizuna (水菜), and a soy sauce-based dressing. Yosedofu is a very soft form of tofu and mizuna is rape or colza. Such a simple, tasty delight; I like to make it often. The other day I spotted mizuna at the store and quickly grabbed it up. When I tried to make my salad the next day I realized I bought mitsuba (三つ葉), which is honewort (yes, I realize translating that to English doesn’t necessarily make it easier to understand.) I try to excuse my silliness by the fact that they are both very long, and they were next to each other on the shelf, and they were written in hiragana so they both started with み; but, the leaves are a very different shape and texture and flavor. At least I can cut it up and put it in my miso soup.


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One Response to “A Touch of SiLLiNeSS!”

  1. kevenker Says:

    Got any links to what a honewort is? 🙂

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