Peculiar Weather


Mid-August got extremely hot, this is expected and surprised noone with sense; however, it did beat us down a bit. Then it got odd, finally near the end of August, rains came and cooled things off. I was surprised at how cool it got and enjoyed some refreshing evening walks. Friday and Saturday we had tremendous gully-washer downpours. I chose these afternoons to investigate trailheads in the mountains, but did no hiking. When I got home on Saturday, I found the irrigation ditch in my front yard near the point of overflowing.

Sunday clear weather prevailed and I climbed a mountain to look around. Monday was a little misty off and on. Today got even weirder. Moderate rainfall came in the morning, but the weather was clear and sunny by 11am. I was outside a lot today because I was taking care of documents required by aliens like me. By the time I returned home in the afternoon, things had cooled off considerably. I opened all the windows and sliding doors and did a lot of house cleaning before my girlfriend arrived. As I was doing chores, the temperature stayed low, but the humidity climbed to what felt like 100%. I had to wash myself off and change clothes.

Now it is about 11pm and there is torrential rain with lightning striking nearby followed by rolling thunder. I hope the house doesn’t wash away in the meantime.


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