Almost Meeting the Elderly


Today and yesterday afternoons, I spent some time hunting for trailheads to climb Kyou ga Mine (経が峰). I also found two more of the pre-2005 Tsu city manholes (four more to go). Both days there was significant rainfall which made driving a bit less safe and reduced visibility significantly. On my way back into town yesterday, I saw a kei truck pull across the yellow line and head towards me. I let off the gas and tried to figure out where he was going. The move seemed very purposeful, so I assumed he wanted to pull down a little dirt embankment into a small farm. There was no time for him to make the turn in front of me so I came to a complete halt near the left side of the road. Having solved the problem, by being tolerant, I started to relax; but, it proved too soon, as he didn’t turn and he just kept coming straight at me.

From just a few meters away, I could see he was squinting hard and there was no sign of recognition. Not waiting to find out if he forgot his glasses, was drunk, or having a stroke, I gave a few toots on my not so powerful horn. He swerved back to his lane and I could see the long line of cars backed up behind him. The driver at the head of the line was hanging back several car lengths. I said a quick prayer for his safety, and thanks for mine as well. Not the way I want to meet the elderly.

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