Waskly Wabbits


hasenpfefferWaskly Wabbits! Hi! This is Kat, writing a guest post about my trip to Japan in March. One evening during my visit, I was walking down the street to the beach. I was taking pictures as I walked of trees that looked like pineapples, miniature shrines, and a pretty sign. Since I couldn’t really see where I was going with a camera plastered to my face, I almost tripped over a leash. I lowered the camera, thinking I’d see a dog, but to my surprise, it was a tiny rabbit. There were actually 3 adorable tiny rabbits on leashes, being held by an equally adorable girl. Though I spent many years working with wild and exotic animals and as a vet tech, I never once saw a rabbit on a leash. I tried to take a couple pictures, but as luck would have it, my camera chose that moment to freak out and take black pictures. Since I couldn’t communicate a whole lot with the girl, I felt a little silly continuing to take pictures. Before she began forming a scary impression of crazy foreigners with cameras, I decided it would be best if I went on my way, so I smiled and thanked her profusely (my Japanese being what it is, I should say I HOPE I thanked her profusely…and didn’t accidently say something like “I love hossenfeffer!”…). Alas, I have no actual picture, but I retain the cute picture in my mind 🙂 BTW, the rabbit (Herman) pictured here has absolutely nothing to do with this post (aside from being a rabbit), but he sure is unbelievably adorable, eh?


3 Responses to “Waskly Wabbits”

  1. Stefanie Says:

    That has got to be the biggest rabbit I have ever seen!

  2. びっくり Says:

    Kat added the image to the post to distract from her boring writing. I think her writing is fine, but it is a funny photo.

  3. madkat Says:

    Herman definitely makes the post more captivating. Not only is he utterly irresistible, but look at those feet! Right here, on Bikkuri’s blog, I have solved the mystery of Bigfoot. It’s not sasquatch running around in the woods leaving gigantic footprints, it’s Herman’s family!

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