Lucky Sevens


Kind of stressed out and tired this week, so I’m gonna write up a fun one. This photo is my odometer as my car reached 77,777 km last week. I bought it February of last year with about 70,000 km. I figure I’ve averaged about 400 km per month. Lucky SevensThat included a long road trip and about half a year with a daily commute. I try to plan out trips so that, when I use a car, I knock off errands along my route, instead of doing a lot of back and forth. When possible, I try to walk or take the bike, but heavy rain, extreme heat and humidity, or typhoons usually pre-empt. For example, tonight my girlfriend visited after work. We rode to dinner in her car which was on the way to her home and my evening class. After dinner she dropped me off and continued on her way. After the class I walked home, with a fast pace it was less than 40 minutes. It did start raining and I wasn’t sure if I’d make it home reasonably dry.

Both my 1988 Corolla FX and my 1999 Ford F-150 had low mileage when I sold them, even though both of them had been on cross-country trips. My Ford went on a 10,000 km trip with me one time. Of course choosing to live close to work has been a big help, I highly recommend it.


One Response to “Lucky Sevens”

  1. Stefanie Says:

    if only you were in Vegas and that was a slot machine and not your car’s odometer! 🙂

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