Sunday Soundcheck 25


We come to the end of our second pass through the third column of the chart with the sound zo, represented by ぞ in hiragana, and ゾ in katakana.

Zoon (ゾーン) is a nice katakana word because its sound and meaning are pretty much the same as the English word from which it comes: zone.

EizoushoZousho (ぞうしょ) is a word to refer to a collection of books or a personal library. The photo at the right is an image of a stone seal I carved with this word in kanji. My name is usually written 衛利句, but we shortened it to 衛 for this seal and wrote eizousho (衛蔵書). Essentially it is like stamping “From the library of Erik” inside the book. Remember when folks used to have personal libraries, back before everything was paperback and people started treating books as disposable items?


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