Finding Bikkuri the Easy Way


When people here I have a blog they ask me if they can read it, to which I answer, “Of course!”; wondering to myself if they thought I would put something secret on the internet where several billion can access it. Normal people don’t do well with, “The address is ‘’. Can you remember that?” Nor do they do so well with, “Let me write it down for you.” So, for normal folks, I try to remember a search that puts my blog as number one or two. It helps if the search is easy to remember as well.

Until now I often told people to look for “fish ball soup tattoo”. Which worked pretty well; however, it has been surpassed in effectiveness. Sifting through stats, I noticed someone found me using “Takanoyama showing butt”. I popped up number one in Google, with emphasis on ‘butt’; and Yahoo, with emphasis on ‘showing’. I’m guessing they told their friends because there was more than one hit.

Also, some fella on Flickr (photo hosting site) who links to photos of fat men bathing together linked that photo as a favorite. I’d like to think my photos and writing aren’t what would be an attraction for the gay community, but that’s the wonder of the internet; anyone can find you for their own purposes.

BTW, “tatami oshiire ranma” pops me up as well, but only a special group of folks would remember that search. Anyhow, I hope people who are interested are able to find ways to find my blog.


3 Responses to “Finding Bikkuri the Easy Way”

  1. fightingwindmills Says:

    You could get business cards to distribute to people who inquire.

  2. びっくり Says:

    I have blanks to run through my printer. I may make some new cards, but I find most people put them aside somewhere and then think, “Oh, I wish I could remember that blog address.” 🙂

  3. titus2woman Says:

    HA HA HA! From one SiLLiNeSS! long ago people have found me by searching “women getting wedgies”. ACK! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

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