Is That Rhinitis?


That's RhinitisI paid a visit to the doctor’s office awhile back and sitting in the waiting room I noticed this cute poster. I snapped a cell phone shot so I could look up all the terms. The blue panel is sniffling runny nose. Interesting that the term for sniffling is the same one we use for slurping noodles. Just another reason translating is tough: slurping snot might not be a good equivalent. The green circle is congested nose. The term really refers to not being able to speak intelligibly. The pink triangle is sneezing.

Originally I translated the large text as “That’s Allergic Rhinitis”, but I noticed they put a question mark on it, so I’ll go with, “Is that your Allergic Rhinitis?”


3 Responses to “Is That Rhinitis?”

  1. Stefanie Says:

    For some reason I find it very funny that the term for sniffling and slurping noodles is the same!

  2. びっくり Says:

    I find it funny too, but I haven’t eaten noodles since I discovered that. 😉

  3. Ken Says:

    For more information about rhinitis and related treatment options visit

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