Presentation is Everything


Carved Wood Food BoxPresentation of food is quite an art in Japan. Attention is paid to the food, garnishes, plates, etc. Banquets bring things to the next level. Because I am connected to a few circles, I am asked to participate in a number of banquets each year and I am always pleased with the food as it is delivered. Here’s another cellphone shot. This one shows a kind of box which appeared at a banquet, probably back in December. The wood curves at the top and there is a beautiful red braided rope decoration. The sides bear an amazing detail, where wood was carved away, but only the pale growth rings were carved. All the dark rings remain. It took me awhile before I would open the box; I kept studying the design with fascination.


2 Responses to “Presentation is Everything”

  1. aaron Says:

    i love japanese food. and i’m a big fan of presentation. this box is cool. did you keep it?

  2. びっくり Says:

    Keeping the box was not an option. It is a reusable dish. It would have been nice.

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