Things Going On


Today’s Teachers’ Seminar went off pretty well. We tried a rather different approach from previous years. This was a little risky since it has been considered successful by many participants in the past. We took the change in direction to provide more practical knowledge and to focus on relationship improvements between Japanese teachers and the foreign assistant teachers; the latter being a directive from management. Initial reaction seems positive, but I hope we get a lot of feedback to evaluate things more accurately.

Tomorrow we should be recording some dialogs for a seminar on Sunday. Several junior high and high school students are heading for Australia for a ten day study program. We are supposed to give them some confidence and some communication tools to survive the trip. Unfortunately, we burned a lot of prep time fussing with a 24 inch printer that is more than temperamental.

Also, I will be taking Friday and Saturday off to spend time with someone special. She rarely gets two days off together, so I have to take the time with her when I can get it. After lunch on Friday, her father will be trying to teach me how to play shakuhachi (尺八), a traditional musical instrument similar to a recorder and made from bamboo.

The next big event is in late August, so hopefully I will be able to use some of my vacation between now and then. My only concrete plan is to head into the mountains for some cooler weather and nice hot springs.

Some of my vacation will be spent getting the house in order, studying for the upcoming tests, and getting a little more exercise.

5 Responses to “Things Going On”

  1. Stefanie Says:

    Good luck with the music lesson!

  2. fightingwindmills Says:

    My host mom’s father makes shakuhachi. He has a room full of them. They are beautiful instruments! I hope you had a great time making music.

  3. びっくり Says:

    I indeed had a wonderful time. It can never hurt to be in good with your significant other’s parents. I need to learn better breath control if I ever hope to play a song, but I was able to play the basic notes (not regularly yet, though). I have been told that most people can’t make a proper sound the first time they try.

    He gave me a shakuhachi and some scales to practice. He wants me to try to practice 10 minutes a day, but today I spent the day interacting with his amazing daughter and didn’t practice. I can’t see her again until the 8th, so maybe I will get a lot of practice in the interim.

  4. Flautist Again « Neo-新びっくりブログ Says:

    […] has two main hobbies: one is pottery and the other is playing the shakuhachi (尺八). Almost exactly four years ago he started teaching me how to play. Almost exactly three years ago I was hit by a car while […]

  5. Lyn Says:

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