Back to the Belly Bumping


It’s after midnight so I can write my Saturday post, but really I should be resting up for the big day. I hope to catch a train around 7am in order to arrive at the Nagoya sumo tournament by 8:30am for the opening of the days events. You may recall that 12 foreigners gathered for the Osaka tournament. I had hoped to get there for the opening, but was tired and had trouble booting my friend out of her futon early enough to ride all the way to Osaka.

Showing up early means watching wrestlers at the lowest levels, some of them lighter than me. Almost nobody will be in the arena, so I will be able to hear their breathing. Officially a match begins when the two athletes achieve a state of breathing in unison, so it is important to the sport. Also, having reserved masu seki (桝席), we will have room to kick back and nap before the main event.

Last time we saw three major upsets. Unfortunately, Friday night Hakuho guaranteed himself a tournament win, so we won’t see any ‘major’ upsets. We were a little disappointed about this, but it is nice to see him win in style. Keep your eyes on the TV, maybe you’ll spot us. If not, I’m sure you’ll be able to hear us.

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