Look at these Beans


Organic General Store in KameyamaOn the way back from taking photos of lotus flowers (蓮) in Shiga prefecture (滋賀県), we stopped off in Kameyama (亀山) to eat dinner at my girlfriend’s friend’s restaurant. Tsuki no Niwa (月の庭) is an organic restaurant which used to be a bar. The owner’s son and daughter-in-law had interest in health and conservation and changed the business direction of the shop. There is also a former liquor store turned organic store in back (or in front, depending on your viewpoint). Entering Okadaya Honten (岡田屋本店), I was immediately struck by the sensation that I was somewhere in Eastern B.C. or Washington at a little country store.

Organic Tiger BeansOn Umi no Hi (海の日), we headed back to Kameyama for the annual Kaze no Ichi (風の市) festival at the store. They had neo-hippies galore. Playing exotic instruments from all over Asia and Africa. Selling various foods, natural clothing, and such. Sporting tattoos of many varieties. I snapped a number of photos, but none turned out so well. I might throw some up another time. We went into the store and looked around a bit, where I was struck by the Tiger Beans (虎豆). Take a look…

4 Responses to “Look at these Beans”

  1. Sylvia Says:

    Very pretty beans! And yes, that store looks like it could be in the Kootenays somewhere.

  2. fightingwindmills Says:

    Those beans are so interesting. They look like eggs. How does the store’s name translate? I was thinking, “Chicken of the Month,” but surely I’m wrong.

  3. びっくり Says:

    Sorry, I don’t know why I didn’t translate any of that. Tsuki no Niwa is Garden of the Moon or Moon Garden. Kaze no Ichi is Wind Market or Market of the Wind. Okadaya Honten is just the family name Okada with ya (a kind of shop) added on the end; lastly, honten is just the main store. Oh, Umi no Hi gets translated all sorts of ways: Sea Day being one. I think it was supposed to be a day where we give thanks to the sea for the bounty which it provides; however, the Shinto faith is not regularly observed by most folks, so it is just a day off for most folks.

  4. fightingwindmills Says:

    Thank you for translating!

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