Sunday Soundcheck 20


So is the last sound in the ‘S’ column and is represented by そ in hiragana and ソ in katakana.

I talked about sotchoku (そっちょく) on June 19th, but I’ll use it today because it has become an important word in my life. It means ‘frank’, ‘candid’, or ‘direct’. Working on this one aspect of my life has brought me great joy because of the influence it had on one other person. Of course many people who know me may have thought I was too direct as I was. I think the key here is how much love is involved in the message and how receptive the listener is. If someone really doesn’t want to know what is in your heart, then no amount of frank speech is going to earn you much. We write this in kanji as 率直.

Yikes! I thought last week had limited words to choose from. This week is even tougher. Since I’ve been writing more sentimental stuff lately, I’ll just go with sonetto (ソネット), which is just ‘sonnet’.

So ends another column of the chart, but we’ll bring the ‘S’ column back for a reprise with a sound change to make it the ‘Z’ row. See you then.


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