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I was going to upload a handful of lotus photos from my latest trip to Shiga and tell you about what a good time we had there, but I got distracted by another project: banner images. The standard WordPress header or banner images seem to be 760 by 200 pixels, which is a different aspect ratio from how we normally think about photos. I have been spending a little mental effort recently contemplating ideas for banners. Yesterday I took several shots for source material; I may have to try using some of them later: lily pads, cedar bark roof, etc.

Because I have a new camera, I am taking a lot of shots which are just experiments to run it through its paces. Many shots yesterday were of water droplets on lily pads. While down on my belly taking a few of those shots, interesting bugs were dropping in to visit. When the dragonfly (蜻蛉・tonbo, or tonbou) came to see me, I tried to capture him with the lens. The focus could be better, but looking at the shots later, I decided he could star as the header on my blog for awhile. I used Gimp to crop the image to the right aspect ratio and then scaled it down to about 12 percent to get the right size.

What do you think? Should I keep him? Should I try others (it is easy to change the image)? Should I go out looking for more images?

I view this as an extension of my previous exercise: finding wallpaper images for the computer. Some photo society members look at me funny when I snap shots that are just meant to capture an attractive and fairly even intensity, but not distracting pattern, which won’t make icon titles hard to read. Sometimes they look over my shoulder trying to figure out what I am shooting. But it’s not half as bad as how they look at me when I shoot manhole covers.


3 Responses to “New Banner Image”

  1. Sylvia Says:

    Ooo, purrty! Goes well with your tag line.

  2. verbivore Says:

    This is lovely – great shot!

  3. Banner Day « Neo-新びっくりブログ Says:

    […] By びっくり Wednesday I changed the “Dragonfly on Lotus Leaf” banner image from July of last year to a close-up of “Incense at Chion-in”. […]

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